Frequently asked questions

It's simple. Post, comment or participate in discussions on the V-Wall with Africa's most talented individuals! For each like or comment you receive, you'll get V$ that you can use in the V-Shop!
The V-Shop is where you'll be able to get tons of goodies, prizes and knowledge! Want to learn new things? Need a distraction? Seeking to launch a business? Be it practical guides, comic books or magazines on the art of coding, Vinpe has everything you need.
VINPE was created to allow African talents to grow and transform their lives through unlimited access to knowledge. VINPE stands for Values, INtelligence, Progress and Economy, which we strongly believe at the keys to personal, national and African success! The future depends on the next generation: that's you!

Our users cooperate, discuss, go out seeking new knowledge to improve their arguments or just try to change the world bit by bit - join the community on VINPE!
V$ (pronounced "Veez") are VINPE's exclusive digital currency. You can use it to acquire knowledge and goodies in the V-Shop!
Whenever someone likes one of your posts or comments, you get 5V$! Whenever someone comments on your post, you get 10 V$! You can also win V$ by completing special missions, such as questionnaires or challenges!
Nope! For now, V$ don't have any monetary value. They can only be used on VINPE and its partner platforms. If someone says they have V$ in their wallet, they're probably talking about their mobile wallet!
V$ are only meant to be used on VINPE for now, and we don't offer Coke cans... yet.
We're almost there! Vinpe is growing fast and will likely open in your country very soon! In the meantime, we would love to hear why you think your country should be next on the list: drop us an e-mail with your reasons at
Unless you're thinking about games meant to stimulate intellectual development, or the goodies that we are offering, then no, Vinpe isn't a gaming platform. We're opposed to gambling: Vinpe members are ladies and gentlemen united by universal values and a code of conduct.
Technically, it isn't. But Vinpe is a platform where you can meet people from all around Africa, a place where you can shine by showing off your intelligence through witty posts and comments! Don't forget: intelligence is the new sexy!
If you don't follow the rules and our code of conduct, yeah! Vinpe doesn't tolerate conduct unbecoming of a lady or a gentleman, which we believe are essential to success, be it for oneself, one's community or one's nation. Not respecting the rules will lead to a red flag, and eventually, being banned from the site for repeat offenses.
Yes - we are 100% safe! We use the best security tools available for our servers and your information will remain safe and confidential. We are protected with Sitelock, and we use cryptology methodologies so advanced that even WE don't have access to your password.

That being said, don't forget that the best security also depends on you! Never share your password or ID with people who you don't trust 100%!
We always welcome corporate partnerships to help spread knowledge and show how to use skills in a corporate environment. We have many cooperation models available. Just e-mail us at and our business development unit will get back to you as soon as possible!
We would love to help you out, but Vinpe is an apolitical and areligious platform. We believe knowledge should be accessible to all. We could help you create questionnaires for our members, but ads are not an option. Thank you for your understanding.
Don't worry! See that little icon with the three bars on the top right? Click on it and go to "My Library". All of your purchases are stored there, and can be downloaded at any time.
Email us at! Our team will do everything in its power to help you solve it.
We're always happy to get feedback from our users. Send us a mail at with the reasons why you would like that particular resource and we will do everything we can to add it to the platform.
Thanks! For any feedback (even the negative kind...) just reach out to us at! We love to hear back from our Vinpers!